Objectives and History

Objectives of The Swiss Crows are to further within its territory the aims, purposes and programs of the Association of Old Crows, that is:

  • to promote the exchange of ideas and information in the field of Electronic Warfare and Information Operations,
  • to recognize advances and contributions to Electronic Warfare and Information Operations,
  • to document the history of Electronic Warfare and Information Operations,
  • to commemorate fittingly the memory of fellow Crows.

The chapter shall:

  • encourage original research,
  • foster the dissemination of new knowledge,
  • further the professional development of those engaged in related scientific, engineering, management and operational activities,
  • improve public understanding of the profession and its contribution,
  • encourage education in appropriate engineering and scientific specialties,
  • stimulate outstanding professional accomplishments.


By-Law Annexes



During World War II Allied ECM (Electronic Counter-Measures) officers, tasked to disrupt enemy communications and radars, were given the code name of “Raven” to provide a degree of security to their existence. After WWII, a group of Raven operators were directed to transmit their know-how to future generations. From all accounts from those present at the time, the students changed the name to “Crows” and those engaged in the profession became known as Old Crows.

The Swiss Crows were founded as the swiss Chapter of the Association of Old Crows (www.crows.org) in 1995, regrouping a handful of motivated, highly-qualified people ussued mainly from the Air Force EW branch. Now the Swiss Crows focus evolved on “Information Operations (IO)”, which includes those actions taken to affect adversary information and information systems, while defending one’s own information and information systems. “Information Operations”, requires the close, continuous integration of offensive and defensive capabilities and activities, as well as effective design, integration, and interaction of command and control with intelligence support. The Swiss Crows, together with the AOC will, in the future, focus on the five primary elements of “Information Operations”, which encompasses Electronic Warfare (EW), Operations Security (OPSEC), Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), Military Deception, and Computer Network Operations (attack, defense, reconnaissance, or exploitation).